What is MAEUR?

Welcome to MAEUR, for over 50 years the marketing association for inspiring and innovative events for all marketing, communication, and data-minded students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We bridge the gap between marketing, communication and data-minded students and corporate life, university departments and alumni.

Now having more than 1.200 members, the Marketing Association EUR is one of the biggest marketing associations in the Netherlands. The Marketing Association EUR is united in the Marketing Association of the Netherlands (MAN) together with the marketing associations in Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht and Tilburg. 

Our Three Pillars

MAEUR offers students the opportunity to learn, socialize and network. We believe that these three pillars enhance student’s knowledge & skills and enrich their future prospects in the labor market.

  • Learning: Knowledge is power, and at MAEUR, we empower our students with relevant marketing information and skills. We aim to design our events and workshops in a way to reflect the latest trends and best practices in the marketing field.
  • Socializing: Socializing is considered an important aspect of our association. Every month our members come together at the Marketing Drink where they can interact with each other while having a drink. Also for example with our International Marketing Trip and Active Members Weekend there are many opportunities to socialize.
  • Networking: MAEUR bridges the gap between student life and the corporate world, providing opportunities for our members to connect with industry professionals, alumni and potential employers. After almost all our events there are networking drinks, where you can connect with various companies. Also our career portal provides students with various job opportunities.

Our Events

At MAEUR, we host a diverse range of events in marketing and data. Year after year, events such as the Commercial Break, the Speed Dating Event and the MAEUR Data & Analytics Convention make a return, providing invaluable insights and experiences. Also, our Bachelor Consultancy Project and International Consultancy Project allows students to do research for the most successful companies. Lastly, also MAcademy, our training cycle, provides students workshops and trainings to develop their skills and brand their own future.

Who Can Join

MAEUR is the official study association for the RSM master Marketing Management and the ESE master Marketing and master Data Science & Marketing Analytics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. However, our doors are completely open to any student with an interest in marketing, communication and/or data.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to know more about MAEUR, feel free to reach out to us at info@maeur.nl.