Past Events

On this page you find information and pictures taken at past MAEUR events! Click on one of the events and it will show you an explanation about the event and some pictures that were taken to get you more familiar with the corresponding event. 


Commercial Break

About Commercial Break

As a kick-off of every academic year, MAEUR organizes the Commercial Break!

This event is based on the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival: you will get the opportunity to listen to presentations from various guest speakers from multiple prominent companies. They will give you insights into their company and how they operate within the field of marketing and advertising. Between each company representative's presentation, we will be showing commercials that aired the last 12 months which made the most impact. These commercials range from themes such as nostalgic to humorous, socially responsible and much more! The evening will be concluded with some drinks where there will be the opportunity to network with each other and the attending companies.