Data Science and Marketing Analytics Committee

The Data Science & Marketing Analytics Committee is a collaborative committee between MAEUR and EFR responsible for organizing professional activities for the Data Science & Marketing Analytics students. This includes inhousedays, presentations and social activities, but there is also enough room for creativity and coming up with an entirely new event. Roles and responsibilities within the committee vary according to the events you will organize. The committee organises multitude of events with a balance between a professional and social approach for the events organised during the year.

The Data Science & Marketing Analytics Committee is the perfect opportunity to extend your studies and get in touch with interesting companies!


  • Who: Data Science & Marketing Analytics Master students only
  • Workload: Part time (6-8 hours/week)
  • Duration: October ‘21 – July ‘22
  • Language: EN and/or NL


  • Chairman
    The Chairman functions as an intermediary between the board and the committee, being the contact person for the Projects Coordinator of the MAEUR board. Among the responsibilities of a chairman are scheduling and leading committee meetings, monitoring the tasks of each individual committee member and the overall planning processes.
  • External Relations Coordinator
    The External Relations Coordinators carry the final responsibility for the acquisition of companies. Other tasks include the development of an acquisition brochure and follow-up contact with the companies involved in the event. This is quite an important job as the success of the inhousedays/presentations is strongly dependent on the companies participating.
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    The Marketing & Communications Coordinator is responsible for marketing and promoting the activities, as well as for the communication with participants.
  • Day Organization Coordinator
    The Day Organization Coordinator is the contact person during the events. Other tasks include being in charge of arranging the location, catering, photographer, parking and many other practical matters that are necessary to create a great program.

Application process

*Please note that you are only eligible for this committee if you are studying the Data Science and Marketing Analytics master's programme.


EXTENDED Deadline for applying is September 19, 23:59!