Trend Event Committee

During the Trend Event several speakers will talk about a specific trend in the world of marketing. Each year a special theme is chosen: this year's trend will be "(Digital) Customer Experience Management". The invited speakers will present their ideas and insights to students, deepening their knowledge about the relevancy of the chosen trend to their company and in general. Trend Event usually takes place in January.


  • Who: Bachelor 2, 3 and Master students
  • Workload: Part-time (6-8 hours/week)
  • Duration: October ’21 - February '22
  • Language: EN and/or NL


  • Chairman
    The Chairman functions as an intermediary between the board and the committee, being the contact person for the Project Coordinator of the MAEUR board. Among the responsibilities of a chairman are scheduling and leading committee meetings, monitoring the tasks of each individual committee member and the overall planning processes.
  • External Relations Coordinator
    The External Relations Coordinator carries the final responsibility for the acquisition of companies. Other tasks include the development of an acquisition brochure and follow-up contact with the companies involved in the event.
  • The Day Organization Coordinator
    The Day Organization Coordinator is the contact person during the event. Other tasks include being in charge of arranging the location, catering, photographer, parking and many other practical matters that are necessary to create a great program.
  • Marketing Coordinator
    The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the Trend Event. Among the tasks of the Marketing Coordinator are developing an attractive campaign for both students and companies, creating an acquisition brochure and a program booklet, as well as posters, flyers, presentations and social media content.

*Note: During the beginning of the committee period, all committee members are expected to help the External Relations Coordinator with the aquisition of the event. 

Application process
The applications for this committee are open now.
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