Data Summit Committee

With the technological side of marketing becoming more prevalent, the Data Summit (formerly MAEUR Data Conference and even before that Marketing Conference) aims to connect the most prominent and interesting Tech companies and students within the realm of both technical- and non-technical marketing and data solutions! Do you want to take the stage and organise this innovative event on campus? 

As a member of the Data Summit committee, you are responsible for creating a theme, acquiring multinationals and finding fascinating speakers. This is one of the newer events being a revitalised version of the former MAEUR Data Conference and Marketing Conference. This means that you will be at the forefront of the succes of this event!

The day consists of several speakers series, interactive workshops and a career fair. You will not only improve your CV but also get in contact with a variety of companies. Give your best performance, make it yours, and create an event for years to come! The Data Summit usually takes place in April/May.

Who: Bachelor 2, 3 and Master students
Workload: Part time (10 hours/week)
Duration: October '21 – June '22
Language: EN and/or NL 


  • Chairman
    The Chairman functions as an intermediary between the board and the committee. You will be overseeing the tasks of each individual committee member and the overall planning processes. Besides that, you are the contact person for the Project Coordinator of the MAEUR board, keeping them up-to-date about all your activities. Finally, you will schedule and lead committee meetings.
  • External Relations Coordinator (2x) 
    As the External Relations Coordinator, you are responsible for the acquisition of companies and the speakers. The acquisition is an important task because the companies and speakers that participate in the Data Summit are the keys to a successful event. During the acquisition process, you will be in charge of the schedules for the call shifts and guide your fellow committee members. 
  • Communications Coordinator
    The Communications Coordinator you will be the contact person for the participating students. All the external communication towards students will be provided by you. Moreover, you will be in charge of the CV selection and make sure that the students receive their personal day program. Furthermore, you will arrange as much sponsorship deals with companies as possible and fill up the goodie bags. 
  • Marketing Coordinator
    As the Marketing Coordinator, you will be responsible for marketing the event and you will have the task to develop an attractive campaign for both students and companies. You will learn to work with the MAEUR corporate identity, create the acquisition brochure and program booklet, as well as posters, flyers, presentations and social media content.  
  • Day Organization Coordinator
    As the Day Organization Coordinator, you will make sure the event runs smoothly throughout the day. You have to create the day planning, arrange the location, catering, and many other practical matters that are necessary to create a great program. It is important that you are able to think through the day very clearly beforehand so that everything is in place to make the day a big success!

*Note: During the beginning of the committee period, all committee members are expected to help the External Relations Coordinator with the aquisition of the event. 

Application process
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