ICP for Companies

ICP for Companies

The International Consultancy Project is a non-profit consultancy project which offers high-quality, customized research services to companies with international operations or have international expansion plans.

The Marketing Association Erasmus University Rotterdam (MAEUR) has already been organizing the International Consultancy Project (ICP) for twenty years. Research teams have been providing multidisciplinary research services to a large clientele. The quality of research is ensured by the supervision of the Erasmus University professors and the confidentiality is guaranteed.

Our team of researchers consists of Erasmus University’s top students with the motivation and experience that ensures high-quality project execution. This is why our work will always contain fresh academic insights. The International Consultancy Project works on a non-profit basis, our budget will solely be made to cover necessary costs such as transportation, accommodation, communication as well as administrative overhead.

What does that mean for you as a company?

  • Five carefully selected students with various academic backgrounds, based on their academic achievements and their professional experience
  • Four weeks of desk research in June, as preparation for the field research
  • Four weeks of field research in July/August
  • Presentation of results in the form of an academic paper and a presentation in September/October

What is the added value?

  • Clear and open-minded view; easy access to information
  • Full commitment and dedication without salary for working hours

If you are interested in the International Consultancy Project, you can contact our External Relations Coordinators Aljereau Marten (+31 6 417 158 62) and Celeste de Beer (+31 6 447 081 77), or send an e-mail to external.irp@maeur.nl.