Interview: President Tycho

Interview: President Tycho

Who are you?
My name is Tycho Luijten and I’m 23 years old. Currently I am not studying but I am an International Bachelor Communication and Media graduate. Next to the MAEUR board I’m in the process of starting up a company in business gifts together with my older brother Boris. 

What is your function and what does it entail?
My position within the board of the MAEUR is President. As President, final responsibility for the operations of the MAEUR lies with me. Overseeing the organization of all of our events and projects and continuously stimulating effective collaborative teamwork within the board define my day-to-day activities. In practice this means that I have to do my very best to stay up to date with everything that happens within the association. As you can imagine, this can be quite a challenge! Frequent meetings with all board members are a means of doing so. Additionally, the creation and implementation of strategic direction of the association is an important task of mine. Where do we want to be in with the association in five years? This is a question I have to frequently ask myself. As a board we have various meetings throughout the year with our operational board and strategic board who consist of old MAEUR board members that help us decide on our strategy. Also, as President you are the face of the organization. In practice this means that I often have to speak in public at all kinds of different events. It also means that I represent the association in the collaborations we have with other student organizations. Such as Interfaculty Rotterdam, a partnership between different study associations on the EUR, that work together to organize social activities for all their members collectively. I also attend the frequent meetings of the ESE Convent, a cooperation between all study associations under the Erasmus School of Economics. Too add on that, Marketing Association the Netherlands (MAN) is a partnership between all recognized Marketing Associations in the Netherlands where I am also a board member. With MAN as an overarching organization we combine the forces of local associations to exchange knowledge and organize events on a national scale.

What made you choose to apply for the MAEUR board?
In the second year of my Bachelor, I was active at the MAEUR as Day Organization Coordinator of the Advertising Day. The open character of the association immediately spoke to me. I met students with all types of study backgrounds with an interest in marketing. Besides developing practical skills that I missed in my Bachelor, I very much enjoyed all social activities and drinks the MAEUR organized. It was that year my heart turned blue! At the end of my Bachelor, after having done an exchange and an internship, I decided that I wanted to develop my leadership skills. Instead of immediately enrolling in a master, I chose to apply for a position in the board of the MAEUR. Not only did I want to improve my management skills by running a real organization for a year, I also wanted to make myself more interesting for potential future employers. Besides that, a great motivation for me to apply, were the close friendships I knew I would develop during the year.

Describe a day in the life of a President
Most days I get up at 7 a.m. in the morning. First thing after a nutritious breakfast and refreshing shower is a quick look my agenda to see if I have any meetings that day to make sure I dress appropriately. At 8 a.m. I leave for university to meet my amazing fellow board members at the office in room H15-26. On my way in I greet some active members in room H15-24 that are busy working on their acquisition plan. Starting the day at the office I first check my e-mail and to-do list. I answer the most important e-mails, and make a list of tasks that have the highest priority for that day. At 10 a.m. I have a meeting with Interfaculty Rotterdam. After a short but effective meeting about the upcoming ‘Interfaculty Party’, I go back to the office to have a coffee and a chat with my fellow board members. At noon we have a board meeting where we discuss the most important issues of the week. As President, I have to plan and preside all board meetings. What exactly is discussed here is extremely confidential; hence I unfortunately cannot elaborate on this. From 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. I reserved time to work on my project outside MAEUR with Boris. I meet up with Boris at the Paviljoen to discuss a few things while enjoying lunch. After that, it’s time to get back to checking e-mail and working on my tasks in the office. At 17:41 I take the train to Utrecht where I have a meeting planned with the MAN board. Arriving back home in Rotterdam I sit back, relax and have a beer with my two flatmates to discuss how our days went.   

What did you learn from this experience?
Being in the board of the MAEUR means that you and your team are in charge of running a real organization. The process of doing so provides you with loads of learning experiences that you will profit from the rest of your life. A concrete field in which I developed myself is effective collaboration. Working together this close and intensively with a team that consists of all kinds of different people made me learn a lot about communicating and dealing with different personalities. Another tangible quality that I had the opportunity of developing this year is public speaking.

What did you enjoy most about this board year?
The social aspect of doing a board year is definitely what I enjoyed most. Marketing Drinks, Active Members Nights and social gatherings with other boards at the EUR are all fantastic opportunities to meet new friends!

What is your next destination?
Next academic year I will either start a MSc in Management in Innovation or Marketing Management at RSM. Next to that, I’ll continue working on the business that I started up with my brother this year.

Interested in becoming the next president of the Marketing Association EUR? Feel free to contact Tycho ( if you have any questions. For general information about the board and the available positions, you can read the brochure. Click here to apply for the 49th board! The deadline is the 14th of May