Interview: Jesse Prince

Interview: Jesse Prince

Who are you?
My name is Jesse Prince, 22 years old. I am Dutch, living in Rotterdam. During my year at MAEUR I finished my International Bachelor Communication and Media.

What was your position in the Advertising Day Committee and what did this entail?
I was the chairman of Advertising Day '17. Being chairman entailed looking out for the team, coordinating the budget and keeping in contact with the board and other relations.

How did you decide that you wanted to join the Advertising Day Committee?
A lot of students I met during my bachelor and beyond were part of the MAEUR, and I was invited to some drinks before I started. I had a great time there and was intrigued by how the MAEUR balances fun and a proper quality of the events. When the new board asked me if I was interested to become an active part of the association, I decided to immediately express my interest in this function!

What did you learn from this experience?
Next to all the skills I already described, I’d like to mention teamwork as well. Together with your fellow board members you basically run a small firm. Everybody adds their piece to the puzzle. While we all have different responsibilities and goals, we all work towards the same common goal: bringing this association to the next level. The lessons you learn working together for a year like this, cannot be taught in lectures. Therefore I see this as the most important experience. 

What did you enjoy most?
What I enjoyed most was the Advertising Day itself. Months and months of planning went into the event, and the road to getting there has not always been as smooth. Seeing, however, how everybody involved helped to make the event the success that it was, made me very proud of my committee and association, but also of myself. I started my function with a learning curve in mind, and the board gave the whole team, but also me as their chairman, all the freedom and support we needed to create something that was truly ours!

What tips do you have for someone considering applying for the Advertising Day Committee?
Have fun! And never forget that enjoying yourself and the work you do was probably the number reason for signing up. My active year at MAEUR definitely added to my academic but also social development, and I am completely sure that if you are open for it, the MAEUR will do the same for you!

Interested in becoming the next Chair of the Advertising Day? Feel free to contact Suzanne ( if you have any questions. For general information about the board and the available positions, you can read the brochure. Click here to apply to become an active member of MAEUR! The deadline is the 24th of September