Interview: Andres Dewey

Interview: Andres Dewey

Can you tell something about yourself?
I am Andres, currently a third year IBA student from Mexico, I enjoy travelling, dogs, cats and cars. Rotterdam has been very welcoming and I look forward to work on new projects!

What was your position in the Activity Committee and what did this entail?
As member of the Activity Committee we made sure all the active members of the MAEUR had fun events to bond. It started by organizing the active members weekend, special drinks nights and dinners. We also organized a volunteer day, working together with a local NGO to support children. Being a member of the Activity Committee entails not being attached to a single function, it really depends on the event to organize and circumstances. Being open, proactive and flexible is necessary.

How did you decide that you wanted to join the Activity Committee?
I wanted to join a student association, and I perceived the MAEUR as a serious and professional but still fun and relaxed association. I chose the Activity Committee because you work throughout the year, is not a single event as in other committees. Almost every month there was something new to organize! The AC also allows for high flexibility in terms of work times if you have a second study or work part time!

What did you learn from this experience?
On the committee, we were all quite different, so I learned from working with a really diverse working styles. Communication was sometimes challenging, but in the end we solved it. Most importantly, had the chance to meet driven and fun person and make new friends. 

What did you enjoy most?
 It was really satisfactory to see everyone at the active members weekend having fun together, for the committee it was also very exciting as the first activity and first time organizing something together. Also having the activities with all the other members and meeting such a diverse group.

Interested in becoming the a member of the Activity Committee? Feel free to contact Suzanne ( if you have any questions. For general information about the board and the available positions, you can read the brochure. Click here to apply to become an active member of MAEUR! The deadline is the 24th of September