5 Tips & Tricks To Write A Kick-Ass Thesis

5 Tips & Tricks To Write A Kick-Ass Thesis

On the 15th of November, the Erasmus Marketing Thesis Award is being awarded. Who will be the winner of this year’s Erasmus Marketing Thesis Award and prize money of €1000 cold hard cash? Time for some practical tips, and maybe you will be the next winner of the Erasmus Marketing Thesis Award!

I know, I know, easy said. And deep down in your heart, you already know this. So why is it that when the deadline is two days away we will be stressing out again. And no, don’t try to deny it, you’ve been there too. I am not going to lie, it’s hard. Why would you start today, when you can do it tomorrow and today have a nice cold beer, or two, or three? Real life is approaching way too quickly already.

Level of difficulty: 5/5

Pick a topic you like, rather than for example write what your thesis supervisor wants you to write. If you choose a topic you're passionate about you’re more likely to succeed. Last but not least, you might even have fun writing your thesis.

Level of difficulty: 2/5

The tip from the winner of the Marketing Thesis Award 2016, Berna de Kroon! If you show your willingness to succeed and enthusiasm to your thesis supervisor, they are more likely to help you out and also have a more positive attitude towards you. And we can use all the help we can get.

Level of difficulty: 3/5

Finally, an easy one! This one is really doable. As a student your time is precious. I mean so much to do… Party, sleep, eat, work, shop, clean your room occasionally (or not),… and college of course. Any student can vouch that those are important aspects of student life, and soon enough it will be over. When you are working on your thesis, which obviously is the masterpiece, it requires your full attention. And that’s only possible when we are not stressed out, so take enough breaks!

Level of difficulty: 1/5

According to Cees de Vreugd, nominee of the Marketing Thesis Award 2016, it is key to make your topic relevant. Look around you, what is happening in the world? When you choose a topic that’s relevant it keeps you motivated to keep working on it. In other words, you’ll finish your thesis in time and you can finally enjoy your holiday!

Level of difficulty: 3/5

These tips will definitely help you to ace that thesis! But keep in mind it’s just your thesis, not your life. Even if it might feel like that sometimes. Relax, breath, you can do this!