Event report: Marketing Conference 2016

Event report: Marketing Conference 2016

The 30th of November, Marketing Conference proved to be a busy day for marketing students and enthusiasts alike. The entire event was organized around the theme “Exceeding Yourself”. Thus, all presentations and subsequent parts focused on doing just that. The message might sound simple enough, but in fact it was truly a great opportunity for working on improving oneself.

We started with a diverse range of presentations, which were hosted by Ron Voskuilen, Managing Director at Rotterdam Partners.
The first speaker was Brigitte Rutten-Wilbrink, a marketing manager at Heineken. It was a refreshing presentation about the challenges she faced when launching a new product and how to overcome obstacles. The personal message in this presentation was really strong. Always give a 100% and do what you love. Maybe you hit a brick wall, but that’s okay, you will learn from it. 

Mark de Bruijn from L’Oreal was the second speaker of the day. He talked about the personal road he took while eventually ending up as group product manager. The biggest learning point from his presentation was the unexpected twists your career path can have. 
How unexpected something might seem, it can turn out for the best. 

Barbara Majoewskij from Ace & Tate presented this glasses-making brand which prides itself on being a new player on the field, an alternative to unaffordable prescription glasses. She emphasized the company’s business model, which relies on its own sales without an intermediary to showcase the product. In the end, it is making it much cheaper, without lowering its quality.  

Oxyma’s speaker, Serge van Marion, then took the stage. The day’s catchphrase resonated strongly in this last presentation. Instead of only showing the firm in a good light, van Marion talked about the people he works with and himself – he even prepared his own story in pictures! Particularly remarkable was his message of striving towards a personal goal, constantly gaining new experience and never failing to recognize the importance of each stage in a person’s life. We finally departed for lunch on a positive note.

Several companies provided the workshops. The lucky students who were selected could get a workshop with Omega Pharma, Oxyma, Rockboost, PagePersonell, Philips, Hilti or Haribo. With mostly real life cases these students were challenged to come up with the most innovative, creative, implementable solutions. The small groups in which students had to work contributed to the healthy discussion and that translated into the most interesting results. The prices for the winning groups were certainly not bad either. At Oxyma the winning group gets to present their ideas to the CMO of Marlies Dekkers and at Rockboost the winning team was awarded a special package for growth hacking workshops. The true lucky students were probably the one that got into the Haribo workshop, where everyone went home with candy!

Career Fair and closing
The Conference’s final part saw even more companies participating at the Career Fair. The participants were introduced to their spokespersons, with the possibility to discuss with them while enjoying a glass of wine. Page Personnel dominated the afternoon, however, as an endless queue of students eager to discuss their CVs lined up for their consultations (big thanks to Rentokil for inviting some people over to their table).

All being well, participants were able to discover some fascinating future prospects and reflect upon their goals. Come on, you can exceed yourself too!