5 Tips to Survive a Hangover in Class

5 Tips to Survive a Hangover in Class

Witten by: Emily Tuohy

So some of you may be lucky today and have the day off after having celebrated King’s Day. Some of you may be a bit less lucky and have to go to class. You woke up this morning, jumping by your alarm clock that seemed so much louder than usual, only to realize you weren’t at home. You decided to be responsible and set your alarm clock for class before the parties commenced, but during the party decided to sleep somewhere at a friend’s house. Looking like you’ve been hit by a train, and feeling pretty much the same, you pull your act together and start getting ready for your (obligatory) classes. And for those of you doubting – no, professors won’t fall for a “24-hour flu” right after the national holiday of getting shitfaced. So get your bum into class. Here are some tips for making the day a bit more bearable! 


1.    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Before you even leave the house, knock back a glass or two of water. On your way to class buy a bottle that you can keep drinking throughout the day. Sports drinks help due to the electrolytes and help hydrate your body, slowly but surely getting rid of a banging headache. I personally go for some Coca-Cola as well, which settles the stomach and gives you that necessary sugar boost. (Anyone who knows me, knows that if I am drinking Cola in the morning, I probably had a rough night…) You may feel like grabbing a coffee but don’t. Drinks with major caffeine will dry you out even more, making the headache much worse! 

2.    Eat something!
You may not feel like it and it may sound like the worst idea ever, but you need to eat something. Don’t go for something too heavy as it will take more energy out of you to digest the meal than the meal will be able to give to you. Healthy slow-carbs and fats delay digestion, which help your body soak up the alcohol in your system. Think whole wheat bread with some cheese in a sandwich or toastie! Eggs help too as they have a substance (called cysteine) which breaks down the hangover-causing toxins in alcohol. And don’t skip the vitamins – a piece of fruit will your body recover from those endless shots last night! 

3.    Have a shower
However late you woke up for class, have a shower and brush. The alcohol smell is coming out of your pores and your breath smells like a carcass. Do yourself and the people around you a favor and clean up. Cooler water energizes and will lessen those dark rings under your eyes! And for those of you who really couldn’t make it (shh – I won’t tell!) at least make sure you wash your face, it will make you look so much fresher than you actually feel. And don’t forget to use some deodorant! 

4.    Dress well
Dressing up well may not help you directly, but nobody will second-guess a sharply dressed student. For those of you who woke up at a friend’s house instead of your own, see if you can borrow a shirt or sweater. The smell of fresh clothes will feel more comfortable than a shirt covered in alcohol and sweat smell. For those of you who weren’t so lucky to wake up at home or at a friend’s house, make sure to at least get rid of the drunk midnight-snacking stains...

5.    Double check 
Bring along some extra aspirin which is your aid for the day, a pair of sunglasses and laptop or notebook. Double check that you have everything you need for class before you walk out the door. You won’t want people to be able to blame the hangover. And even though all of the people talking loudly around you might make you want to run away, just pull through those few hours of class. Act your best, even if the world still seems wobbly… And look on the bright side, there’s a nap waiting for you afterwards!

Lastly, don’t regret a thing. Sure, you might have made a fool of yourself, but that’s what King’s Day (and any other good party) is for. The memories you made will stay with you for a lifetime, and the ones you can’t remember are just as good!