5 Tips on How to make the most of Spring

5 Tips on How to make the most of Spring

Written by: Emily Tuohy, Design: Monika Monko 

Springtime has finally begun. You’re looking out the window, the sun is shining, the sky is blue.. until you see disgusting cobwebs! Everywhere -and they’re inside! This is the moment when you look around your house and see the layer of dust that has accumulated on all surfaces during the dark and gloomy days. Your winter depression and lock position on the couch or in bed watching Netflix has finally caught up with you. Having lived in denial and a permanent state of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow,’ you can’t ignore it anymore. It’s time to get out that vacuum cleaner and starting spring-cleaning your life! 

1.Clean, clean, clean!
Yes, this actually means cleaning. It’s time to get rid of that dust and muck so the sun can actually shine when the rays come into your house. Pull on those gloves, grab a sponge and get scrubbing. And try not to get distracted by the stacks of unread letters, memoirs, and snack wrappers. Throw away whatever you need to throw away, but the sorting out is the next step. Keep in mind that a basic clean is usually good to do before sorting all your stuff out, and a thorough clean is necessary afterwards. You’ll be amazed at how much dust gathers up between papers and books!

2. De-clutter, especially your desk!
De-cluttering is necessary. The end of the school year is coming up and that means finishing up those last exams, achieving your deadlines or rounding up your thesis... it’s all better done with clarity and peace-of-mind. And if that means pimping up your study space with a new look or system – do it! We all know the desk is the best place to dump stuff, but it’s time to get rid of the clutter. Out with the dust, and in with the fresh mind!

3. Reward yourself
You’ve started this annual activity of tidying up your house, and now you’re feeling overwhelmed. How could you have let it get this far? Can’t all those useless papers and unnecessarily kept receipts all just disappear? Don’t worry. We all overwhelmed. You’re not alone. Beforehand, decide on a reward for after finishing each room or task. It could be a snack, a trip to the balcony for some air, or a heavily needed drink… But don’t give up halfway – or you’ll never finish!

4. Yes, it can be fun!
It may be a heavy task, but there’s no use in punishing yourself and doing it in silence. Open up the windows and balcony doors, and blast some of your favourite music! Spring cleaning can be fun. Dancing makes things more fun and makes the time go by faster. Just don’t forget to do the actual cleaning in between your moves.

5. Ask a friend to help you out
Some of us are magpies, we tend to keep everything in our nests. Things we ‘someday might need,’ meanwhile a lot of it is just crap that needs to get thrown out. Friends sometimes have a better eye than you, because that candy wrapper or cinema ticket may have some form of sentimental value to you. Meanwhile, if your friend throws it out, you’ll probably never miss it. Make a deal with them. Promise your friend you’ll do the same for them or cook them up a great meal after the long day! 

Spring-cleaning is something we all hate, but it’s necessary. We hope to have helped you with these five tips!