5 reasons why you should go to the Study Trip

5 reasons why you should go to the Study Trip

Written by: Emily Tuohy, Design: Monika Monko 

1.    It’s Budapest, baby!
Budapest is such a cool city and has something for everyone. This historic city is one of the oldest on the planet, being home to humans since the Stone Age. It’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and its mix of Roman, Gothic and Turkish architecture give this city it’s charm. It’s a foodie city, with loads of farmers’ markets and grand market halls. The fitness buffs get their share, too, as parks have (free!) outdoor fitness and sports facilities! Throughout the year there are multiple festivals, and the nightlife is amazing as well. Besides the standards bars and nightclubs, you can even party in ruins, old cinemas, car parks and apartment buildings that have been transformed into dance havens! This active city will have you in awe. 

2.    You’re already free!
Right after the Dutch national day of drinking and dressing up in orange (the King’s birthday!), we have holidays. So you have no excuse to miss out on the trip. Even if you have a hangover from the day before, you have the luxury of sitting back and relaxing in the plane until we get there! No stress. 

3.    It’s time to expand your horizon!
Not only will you be going to such a cool city, but the program for the study trip also consists of mixing business-related and cultural, social activities. You’ll be able to meet with international companies, interact with them and expand your business horizon! 

4.    You get to know your fellow students (and yourself)
Travelling is like holding a mirror up to you. When you go to a new city, you meet new people, have new experiences and get to know yourself as well as the people you’re traveling with. There’s no better way than to travel together!

And do you really want to get to know them better, I hear you asking yourself? Of course, you do! How else but to make unforgettable memories of new experiences during the day and nights that you’ll never remember! 

5.    You still have time!
Getting the feeling you don’t want to miss out? You still have time to apply! Go to our event page to find out how to sign up. Hurry, the deadline is February 12th! We are really looking forward to this trip and we can’t wait for you all to join us.