International Consultancy Project

We are currently looking for new participants! The deadline is the 7th of January

The International Consultancy Project (ICP) is the most exciting and notable project organized by the Marketing Association EUR. The ICP differs from other research projects since the participants will choose their destination in cooperation with the partner companies. During the project, students will conduct market research for companies with a global orientation and travel to extraordinary destinations. Among previous destinations were Australia, India, China, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil and the USA. The participants will actively approach companies and draft research proposals, all the while discovering new markets. 

What will you gain? 

The International Consultancyt Project offers you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and apply your research skills in practice. You will gain international experience during a six-week trip to conduct market research on location. Furthermore, you will closely work together with your teammates and learn how to be a real team player. You will work on your sales skills and have the possibility to broaden your network since you will actively approach corporates.

Who are we looking for? 

Most important is that you are an ambitious student with dedication and energy to make this project a success. We are looking for students with an analytical and/or creative mindset and an adventurous spirit. We encourage students from all disciplines to apply. In the past students ranging from Business Administration, Law, Marketing Management, to Psychology took part in the ICP. 
What distinguishes ICP from other projects?

  • Full package: Participants are involved in every step of the process, meaning that after the kick-off ICP-weekend in January they join the acquisition process and are guided through delivering practical market research proposals. The summer of 2018 is the time to shine, in which all the preparation is put into practice and combined in on-site research. Finally, findings are to be reported and presented to the executives of the client companies.  
  • Tailor-made experience: Because participants are involved in every step, they also have a major impact on the entire process. The destination, industry, and even the type of research are factors that will be matched with your personal preferences to ensure a mutual fit. 
  • Professional & academic: With more than 20 years of experience the International Consultancty Project has established a solid reputation within the business world resulting in the participation of big multinationals every year. To ensure our reputation of high-quality research we are guided by academic support from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. 
  • Have a blast: Without a shred of doubt, we can promise you that you will gain an awesome lifetime experience by joining the ICP. You will discover a new country, not only from the field research, but as well from the weekend trips, the nightlife, and all kinds of other activities.


  • January - April 2017, 8-12 hours per week Acquisition & Research Proposals 
  • April - June 2017, 12 hours per week Desk Research 
  • July - August 2017, 3 - 6 weeks Field Research 
  • September 2017, 8 hours per week Report & Presentation
The application deadline is the 7th of January

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